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Hier schreiben Wissenschaftler*innen der Universität Oldenburg und Gastautor*innen darüber, wie sich Gesellschaften selbst wahrnehmen und thematisieren, sich ihrer jeweiligen Gegenwart vergewissern und dabei in die Zukunft entwerfen.

Wie stehen diese Selbstwahrnehmungen und -entwürfe mit Institutionen, Medien und Techniken zur Gestaltung von Natur, Gesellschaft und Subjektivität in Verbindung? Wie modellieren sie den lebensweltlichen Alltag und halten Menschen zu einem bestimmten Verhalten an? Wie werden diese Interventionen in das Gegebene begründet und legitimiert, aber auch kritisiert, verworfen oder unterlaufen?

Diesen Fragen, deren interdisziplinäre Reflexion eines der zentralen Anliegen des Wissenschaftlichen Zentrums „Genealogie der Gegenwart“ ist, gehen die Blogger aus unterschiedlichen Fachperspektiven und Tätigkeitszusammenhängen mit Blick auf kontrovers verhandelte Themen wie Migration, Ungleichheit, Digitalisierung, Kriminalität, Gesundheit und Ökologie nach.

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My Matchmaking Nightmare: The brand new Poor Matchmaking Activities Of every Zodiac Indication

von Team

Pisces (March 19 – February 20): Struggling to just take getting rejected

Pisces are painful and sensitive and loyal beings, and often wallow for the thinking-embarrassment. It is particularly challenging in terms of dating since the this liquids signal was awful at the talking about rejection. Actually individuals-pleaser, if a good Pisces will get dumped they often features a difficult time letting go and additionally they always try and winnings its ex-spouse back, often causing a clogged matter.

Aries (February 20 – April 19): Coming on as well good, too quickly

Aries-produced individuals become impatient, natural, and competitive. This can make certain they are dive into a love too quickly instead of most offered if someone he could be relationships is simply compatible. Aries often catch up within desire to have a good good emotional contact with anybody right away, ultimately causing its spouse to feel sometime stressed to the a good matchmaking and can even upload her or him running regarding opposite direction.

Be sure never to frighten regarding a potential romantic partner by the coming to your also good too quickly. Grab one thing slower and become responsive to the truth that particular people’s timelines might not circulate as quickly.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Stubbornness

Real to their bull symbol, Taurus’ are notable for becoming steady and you will in control, but can additionally be really persistent and you can uncompromising, especially throughout a quarrel. An excellent Taurus-born body’s typically even more worried about having the history term rather than searching for a mutually of good use solution to the new argument.

Gemini (Get 21 – Summer 20): Cheat

Geminis generally have flip-flopping tendencies and you will matchmaking is not any difference. He could be probably to acquire disturbed in a love since of the disdain getting repetition and techniques. He is attending cheating while they desire new things and you can enjoyable. Geminis are most likely to move towards quickly otherwise finish that have several couples with totally opposite services.

Wanting someone who was spontaneous and able to match their actually-switching welfare and wants is your best choice for success.

Disease (Summer 21 – July 22): Being too clingy

Disease want to like! The absolute most psychological of the many zodiac signs, they have a tendency to crave partnership and you will support, commonly causing the people he is matchmaking feeling smothered. Since the Cancers are very enchanting it may be difficult whenever good potential partner will not reciprocate an equivalent sentiment. So it usually reasons a disease feeling extremely vulnerable and you may crave for lots more of its mate’s desire.

Leo (July 23 – August twenty-two): Being as well managing

People born beneath the manifestation of Leo try sheer-produced management that will feel some time notice-established. You love to capture cardiovascular system stage regarding the matchmaking and frequently disregard to take on their partner’s feelings. Whether it’s going for what to do into the date night or totally dominating a discussion, you want to enter handle and of that which you and focus.

Act as a lot more mindful of the truth that perhaps not that which you needs to rotate around you or perhaps be just into the liking contained in this a romance. Speak less, listen a lot more!

Virgo (August twenty-four – Sep twenty two): Getting also crucial

Hardworking, logical, and you may logical, a beneficial Virgo are often listen to that which you and possess a beneficial provider for you to make advancements. This is exactly bad for a love because your potential romantic partner can seem to be that you are usually nitpicking and feel they will surpass your standards.

Libra (September 23 – Oct twenty-two): Settling for appearances

Libra’s like things healthy and you may aesthetically pleasing, and matchmaking are no exception to this rule. A good Libra are more concerned with a relationship that appears an effective in writing (or Instagram) and ignore the undeniable fact that the individual he or she is dating can get never be satisfying their needs spiritually, mentally, or sexually.

Just be sure to determine what in reality allows you to happier for the genuine lifestyle, just just what looks good with the social network!

Scorpio (Oct 23 – November 21): Getting too jealous/possessive

Scorpios have become separate some body since they’re among the many hardest signs yet. They generally have trouble stopping rage out of early in the day dating and this keeps affairs thinking some one. Scorpios will wish so you can concern their lover’s whereabouts and you will rating frustrated within him or her to possess getting together with people they select since the a threat.

Sagittarius (November twenty two – December 21): Concern with relationship

Sagittarius try adventurous and you can free-competing some one. They like being spontaneous and having their independence. This may pose problems whenever matchmaking while they will shy of partnership when they end up being they aren’t considering the room they require. However they become extremely flakey whenever believe dates, often canceling the last moment when something even more fascinating appears.

Act as far more conscious of other people’s some time create bound to adhere your requirements. And additionally, with an open conversation about place can be quite useful whenever entering a romance.

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